Give voice on policing

Further to my parents and myself attending the recent forum, we booked an appointment with Mick Creedon (Chief Constable).

We were most disappointed at the Chief Constable not turning up.

It’s also a shame these forums are not widely advertised to the public. There is also a Derbyshire alert information site relating to local crimes, You can join this but I feel it is not widely know about.

We also raised the issue of not having an up-to-date CCTV system, of which a report has only been sent by the Erewash team. I think its of utmost important to have a up-to-date system for the safety of our streets and town-centre crime spots.

We would also like to see these forums being opened to the teenage members of our public, either by school or college forums to air their views.

Fay Cross,

Thistle Road, Ilkeston