Glass is still a big problem


Carol Hart’s offer ‘Joint approach is needed’ (Ilkeston Advertiser, February 23, 2012).

In an attempt to resolve the problem of emerging glass on Stanley Common Recreation Ground, I contacted Erewash Borough Council Chief Executive Jeremy Jaroszek and Tory Deputy Leader, Carol Hart (February 23, 2012) suggesting that we collaborate in the interests of local residents.

It made sense. Since August 2011, I have worked with the Stanley Parish Councillors who have been tireless in their endeavour to protect the public from the safety threat represented by emerging glass around the roots of the trees.

Responsibility for the land is contentious. Some land has been appropriated by the Borough Council when road-widening. Additionally, the ground serves a wider community than Stanley Common parishioners alone. It is a well-loved recreational space.

It would be grossly unfair to land this environmental problem purely at the door of a Parish Council!

Stanley Council has secured some monies for the purpose, but the problem will not be permanently resolved without additional funding from Erewash Borough Council.

Neither Mr Jaroszek; Cllr Hart, nor any other officer, has replied to my requests for assistance. I contacted Head of Green Space, Dave Bramwell, about the glass, only to receive a peremptory email stating that ‘EBC will not be funding any of the remedial works’.

Cllr Hart’s vow ‘to work together’ was clearly nothing but noise from an empty vessel! Support from Erewash was sought and spurned. I am compelled to conclude that a health and safety risk to the general public has not made it onto the financial priority list of the Tory Borough Council where Carol Hart serves as Deputy Leader.

I have arranged and attended several meetings with appropriate bodies. I am angered that such a crucial issue has failed to engage the powers-that-be at Erewash Borough Council.

I have tried to achieve a permanent resolution to this matter in the interests of the general public and their pets. Cllr Hart is keen to score political points – but remains relaxed about a potential health and safety risk to users of Stanley Common.

She has put Party first and those she represents second. I ask her once again, to consider the problem of emerging glass with unbiased eyes and again await a reply at her earliest opportunity.

Cllr McGraw