Gnome Island welcomed by woman who started it all

Pamela Lambert
Pamela Lambert

The woman who started the craze of putting gnomes on an Ilkeston roundabout is delighted it is to be named Gnome Island.

The Nottingaham Road roundabout is now officially called Gnome Island after Erewash Borough Council gave its backing to the name.

It was last July when Pamela Lambert decided to brighten the island up by putting garden gnomes on it.

She said: “I thinks it’s excellent. It’s good that it’s been recognised.”

Pamela said she stopped putting the gnomes on the island in the end because people kept stealing them and it was costing too much.

A fun campaign led to more than 500 people signing an e-petition that was submitted to the council.

As the campaign gathered pace, an Ilson Gnome Facebook page and Twitter account were set up .

Councillor Geoffrey Smith, the borough council’s lead member for regeneration and planning, said: “From this gnome-ment on, the traffic island won’t have to resort to a Gnome de Plume but will have an official name.

“This has been one of the more light-hearted items we have had to deal with and it has been fun – not least to see the creative gnome puns that have been doing the rounds! “As to who is behind them all . . . maybe we need to set Sherlock Gnomes on the case.”

A new sign will be put up on the island to show people visiting the town that Ilkeston has a fun side.