Gnomes for kids’ cancer charity smashed

Golden gnomes that had been placed on an Ilkeston roundabout to raise awareness of children’s cancer have been smashed.

The island, in Nottingham Road, has been dubbed ‘gnome island’ by Ilkeston folk due to the regular appearance of the little felllas.

The latest offering to appear at the roundabout was first spotted on Monday September 22.

However, just a week later the display - which included golden gnomes, dogs and even a Buddha - to mark Gold September, which raises awareness of children cancer - had been smashed.

Tony Mitchell, 48, a project manager at Bowmer and Kirkland, who are working close to the roundabout on the town’s new Morrisons store said: “Last week it looked lovely because the gnomes hadbeen there to raise money for a kids’ charity.

“There was a sign with a number on which people could text to donate to a children’s charity and a band played on there on September 21. It really is a new low that vandals have targeted it this time.”

“Every week they either get pinched or smashed up. We have even seen them covered in tomotoe ketchup.”