Golden day for Ilkeston couple

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PATIENCE is the key ingredient to a long happy marriage according to an Ilkeston couple who celebrated 50 years of married life this week.

Bill, and Denise Booth exchanged vows at St Mary’s Church, Ilkeston, on December 30 1961 after meeting at a birthday party at the Live and Let Live pub two years earlier.



Denise, 70, said: “It was the worst day ever weather wise.

“The snow was terrible, it was so bad the market wasn’t on for the first time in years and years.

“A bus full from Yorkshire couldn’t get here and me, my dad and bridesmaids had to squash in one car to get to the church.”

Bill, 76, a retired Raleigh and Wigfalls Electrical worker, said: “I remember when we met, I was all dressed up and I must have caught her eye.

“We got chatting at this party and it all went from there.

“One day we were just sat talking and she smiled at me and I just asked her to marry me and she said yes.”

Mrs Booth, a retired home help, added: “You’ve got to have patience and there’s a lot of give and take. There’s a few rows to get through as well but you forget about them.

“We’ve been through a lot together and we’re still going.”

The couple,of Hassocks Lane, have three children, Mark, 48, Michelle, 47, and Jono, 38 and also have three grandaughters.

They celebrated the day with visits from friends and family and spent the evening at a family get together.