Good to see old photo

I remember Mr Langley from my days at Granby Junior School. He was the Form 4B teacher. My memory of him was of a benevolent and energetic teacher who administered the cane a little less enthusiastically than did some of the other teachers in those days of corporal punishment.

The other teacher shown in the football team picture is Harry Fretwell, who was our Form 4A teacher. Mr. Fretwell’s skill with the cane was second only to that of the headmaster at the time – Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Langley once invited me to his class to read a short story I had written.

I am pleased to learn that he had a successful academic career after leaving Granby.

Credit must go to teachers such as Norman Langley and Harry Fretwell for helping to equip their charges with the tools to go out and make a career for themselves.

Ray Bostock

Montreal, Canada