Grandmother rescued by caring schoolboy after serious fall

SAYING THANKYOU -- grandmother Carol Kirkman meets James Kells, the schoolboy who went to her rescue.
SAYING THANKYOU -- grandmother Carol Kirkman meets James Kells, the schoolboy who went to her rescue.

A pensioner has thanked a Kirk Hallam schoolboy who went to her rescue after a serious fall that left her needing hospital treatment.

Grandmother Carol Kirkman, 65, tripped and fell on her face while walking up steps to her daughter’s house in Ilkeston. But as she lay on the floor, 15-year-old James Kells, who was on his way home from school, rushed to her aid and helped her up.

“My grandad died from a fall, so I know how serious they can be,” said James, who goes to St John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy on Abbot Road. “I heard Mrs Kirkman fall and I could hear her groaning. I went over to her and made sure she got up. I was glad I could help.”

After the accident, which happened on Friday, September 23 at 6.15 pm, the pensioner was rushed to Royal Derby Hospital, where she needed a brain scan because she was suffering from double vision. Her cornea was also scratched but, after tests, doctors allowed to her to go home.

While recovering at her Waingroves home, Mrs Kirkman made a point of tracking down James and visited his school to hand over an Amazon voucher as a thankyou gift. “I just wanted to acknowledge what he did for me,” she said. “Young people often get a bad press, and I’m grateful to him for stopping and helping.

“I was rushing to see my grandsons at my daughter’s house because I was due to go away the next day. I just missed the first step up to her front door and fell very heavily. I was lucky really because the glasses I was wearing took the brunt of the fall. They are made of titanium and are indestructible!”

James, who helped her as she tried to crawl up the steps, was also praised by his head teacher, Joan McCarthy, who said: “We are extremely proud of James in what must have been a traumatic incident. Encouraging our students to show kindness to others is so important to us.”