Grasp the nettle to tackle dog fouling

Whilst walking through the streets of Breadsall, West Hallam, Stanley and Stanley Common during the course of the Derbyshire County Council election campaign, I was very annoyed to see an inordinate amount of dog muck.

Even worse were discarded bags of dog muck!

At an earlier meeting of Erewash Borough Council, all political groups agreed that this problem was a genuine issue of contention to a tremendous number of residents and was possibly the most complained about issue of all.

At the full council meeting, we agreed that it must be tackled, possibly with heavy fines; more dog wardens and of course the vigilance of the general public.

Despite this, the message has clearly not got through because a number of people still think it acceptable to allow dogs to foul general public footpaths and recreational areas.

This toxic waste is a serious health issue to children, adults and other pets. In some instances, an individual has half-heartedly cleaned up after their animal only to discard the mess outside someone else’s property or place it on a public footpath!

What is now required is further resolve at council level. The present measures are not working and I will be pressing for the formulation and introduction of a Borough Dog Charter, as used by enlightened councils like Ryedale.

The keynote is always ‘enjoy you dog – don’t endanger your community’. I look forward to working with colleagues on the form such a Charter could take and we will welcome suggestions from each and every local resident.

Linda McGraw,

Councillor for Stanley.