Great memories from ironworks

I refer to Marcello Gabrielli’s input on your June 14 issue of the Ilkeston Advertiser, regarding the Stanton Wagon at the lower end of Bath Street.

Yes, the cost of installing it there is significant but the contribution that Stanton works made to our local economy is worth every penny. Stanton provided housing for its employees as well as welfare facilities.
As for myself, I started work there without a single qualification but, encouraged by training officer Bill Matthews and others, I qualified as a craftsman in the engineering department and later as a professional mechanical engineer.
I was there at the right time, one might say, because I remember receiveing a letter from Colonel Mudge, the works welfare officer, inviting young men to meet in the works canteen after work in order to learn a little about the noble art of self defence. 
Stanton supported teams in many sporting activities but at that time, none in boxing. The photograph shows our first tournament which was away against Trent College and some faces might be recognisable after all those years.

I am sitting next to Derick Wildey and we boxed and ran for Stanton before joining the Ilkeston Miners’ Welfare.
The facilities were availabl at Stanton in many forms and all one had to do was to participate.

John Wheatley

Birdcroft Lane, Ilkeston