Green Party council candidates pledge to fight HS2

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Erewash Green Party election candidates have pledged to continue supporting the campaign to stop the HS2 line being built through the borough.

Stop HS2 chairman David Sawley and vice-chairman Marie Crowley will stand for the Green Party in the county council elections on Thursday, May 4, in the Sawley and Long Eaton wards respectively.

Mr Sawley led the campaign group’s meeting earlier this month which was attended by hundreds of residents.

He told them: “HS2 and your local Erewash elected representatives will tell you that HS2 is coming, and you cannot stop it. This campaign will help you see it differently.”

Ms Crowley added: “HS2 will have no benefit for the people of Erewash and our entire local council and our MP have completely failed us on this issue. The Green Party are the only ones who have campaigned to raise awareness on HS2, the impact it will have on the area and the environmental devastation it will cause.”

She said her party would give people ‘a voice on what happens to their homes and businesses’ and would provide ‘the positive change we need’, adding: “It was a scheme dreamt up by Labour and pushed by the Tories and Lib Dems.” Another Stop HS2 campaigner, Brent Poland, will stand for election in Breaston ward.