Green spaces on list are not for sale

protesting about Plans to build housing at the back of the Bridge inn, Awsworth road Ilkeston. Peter Gregory, John Ward and Derek Scholes
protesting about Plans to build housing at the back of the Bridge inn, Awsworth road Ilkeston. Peter Gregory, John Ward and Derek Scholes
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EREWASH Borough Council has told the Advertiser that selling off green space listed on a strategy document is not on the council’s list of priorities.

Concerns were raised after the council’s Green Space Strategy, featuring a list of areas rated as low value and stating that they could be sold off, was seen by residents looking into the public consultation at Springfield Gardens.

Joanne Cook’s dad lives near the Springfield Gardens site. She said: “People should know that these areas could be sold off.

“I was looking into buying a house in one of these areas and I would never have known that the land opposite was on the list for potential disposal if my dad hadn’t told me.

“When I spoke to the estate agents and the lady selling the house they weren’t aware of the document either, it’s disgusting.”

But Ian Sankey, Erewash Borough Council’s director of resources, said: “Our Green Space Strategy is an overview that sets out our vision for the use and maintenance of open space in our borough, it’s effectively a document aimed at helping us shape current and future provision.

“When putting together the strategy, all our open spaces were reviewed and this list simply reflects sites that were seen as being of relatively low value and quality and, as such, having potential for disposal.

“This has been classified as a low priority action for the council and we can categorically confirm that no decision has been made to sell any of the sites listed – it is purely a list of areas that could be considered for disposal under certain circumstances in the future.”

Areas listed include Newstead Road South, Newstead Road North, Milford Drive, Barling Avenue, and Revill Close in Ilkeston.

In Long Eaton Vanguard Road, Bosworth Way, Dovedale Avenue, College Street, St. James Park, Hayworth Park Recreation Ground are all listed and land to the rear of Hart Avenue in Sandiacre.

Mrs Cook added: “We’ve been told by the council that there are no plans to sell the land near to the house I’m interested in buying but then it is still on the list.

“It’s just a massive contradiction.

“How do I know that it won’t be sold in two or three years time?”

But Mr Sankey moved to reassure residents living near to the areas identified and told the Advertiser that public consultations would be carried out before any decisions are made.

“Any proposed developments on open space would also have to go through the planning process.”

Land off Springfield Gardens, Ilkeston is one area on the list.

The council are considering selling the area of green space but people living nearby do not want to see the land purchased by a developer.

A public consultation is currently underway.