Gunpoint drama for head balancer

John Evans sets another world record in Tel Aviv, Israel.
John Evans sets another world record in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Weightlifter John Evans was held at gunpoint by airport security as he flew home after setting a beer glass record.

Heading through security at a German airport, he offered to take off his shoes to stop the steel toe caps setting off buzzers.

John Evans's sunburned foot.

John Evans's sunburned foot.

Mr Evans, 66, was twice told it was unnecessary but roused suspicions when the alarm sounded at Frankfurt Airport.

Despite using suncream, he had badly burnt his feet and ankles at a beer festival in Israel, where he had also appeared on breakfast TV.

As he tried to explain, he was ordered onto a scanning machine with his back towards an official who began to pat him down.

“He got to my ankles where I was sunburned. I flinched and turned around and put my arms down to explain I was sunburned and in pain. At that point, he shoved me and shouted at me in German, clearly telling me to turn around.

“I did not turn around because I wanted to explain that I was in pain. At that moment, he rubbed my ankles and ripped all my skin off. I did not want that again. I had been taking painkillers all day.

“The next thing a guard came up to me with a gun pointing at me. He could not speak English. I was facing them and they were both shouting at me to turn around. I bent down to lift my pants up to show them and one pointed the gun closer at me.

“The other guard got his baton out and threatened me with it. I then got the idea to lift my pants up from the pockets to expose my sunburn. They could see what I was trying to tell them. They must have thought I was hiding something,” said Mr Evans, who needed two treatment sessions at Ilkeston Community Hospital.

After getting home to Awsworth Road, he added: “It was only then I could see the full damage he had done to my skin. I was in a lot of pain and my feet were burning up.”

Mr Evans set yet another world record by balancing 275 full glasses on his head at the beer festival after he was inspired by crowds chanting his name.

Earlier this summer we revealed that Mr Evans has appeared in the Guinnes Book of Records more times than anyone else.