Gym allowed to extend hours

An Ilkeston gym, which has received a number of complaints from neighbours about noise, has been allowed to extend its opening hours.

Erewash Borough Council’s planning committee voted to let Platinum Gym, in the Booths Industrial Estate, open an hour later every evening and two hours earlier on a Sunday on the condition that it installs better sound insulation.

Four letters of objection had been received by the coucnil from residents in Springfield Gardens.

Consultant Paul Gaughan, on behalf of the gym owners, told the committee on Wednesday night, that they have already taken steps to reduce noise and now plan to do more since planning permission has been granted.

“They are working to installsolid core acoustically treated fire doors and a noise limiter to ensure music stays within a reasonable level,” he explained.

Councillors voted in favour of the plan except Cllr Glennice Birkin, who said: “I feel sorry for the neighbours – they pay their rates like everyone else.

“If the gym doesn’t adhere to the rules I will be on them.”