Have a say in the future of Sawley


Sawley Parish Council is asking for feedback on its first new business plan.

The plan sets out the Parish Council’s vision for the parish, its purpose, values, objectives and key priorities for the next three years.

Justina Nurse, clerk said: “It is a two-way conversation. Please tell us what you think.

“The Parish Council would very much like to receive your views, which will be used to help prepare an action plan to monitor and measure the delivery of our objectives and key priorities within this plan.”

The aim of the Business Plan is to give Sawley a clear understanding of what the Parish Council does and what it is trying to achieve

It details what the Parish Council intends to focus on over the next three years.

The business plan is a live document that will be reviewed annually.

This information will then be used o drive the budget process, plan activities for the coming year and enable the Parish Council to monitor its progress against key priorities.

Feedback will be taken until Sunday, February 28.

To take the survey visit sawleyparishcouncil.org.uk/surveys-and-consultation

What does the business plan say?

The Parish Council aims to improve the quality of life for the parishioners of Sawley by ensuring that it is a desirable, thriving and sustainable place in which to live.

It also explains the council’s s £21,718.74 budget for 2017/2017 where this money has come from and where it will be spent.

The council’s main areas of responsibility are outlined; from the management, maintenance and development of Lakeside Park to the provision of Christmas lighting.

The aims for the future are also highlighted.

The full business plan goes into more detail about Sawley.