Have your say on Lakeside scheme

RESIDENTS and councillors have agreed that they do not want to lose access to 112 acres of the former American Adventure after it is built on.

As Amber Valley Borough Council’s public consultation got under way this week asking residents what they wanted to see at the Lakeside area of the site, the Advertiser has been out talking to park-goers this week to find out what they thought.

Debra Farmer, 50, lives in Pit Lane – the former theme park entrance and the proposed gateway to the new development from Swanwick-based Waystone.

“I would love to see it stay as natural as possible,” she said.

“But if it does become a housing estate, my main concern would be that I want to know who will be living there.”

She added: “The bollards have been a nuisance too with people parking in front of my house so I will be glad to see them go.”

Chairman of Shipley Parish Council Dr Christopher Perko said that he is hoping Waystone will hold a meeting in the village after the consultation ends on Friday April 8.

He said: “While any employment the site may bring in is always welcome to the area, our concern is that the infrastructure may be unable to cope with a large site.

“But we need to know facts before we can really comment.”

Managing director of Waystone Stuart McLoughlin said: “Once adopted, if and when approved by the council, then depending on the outcome of the process it will leave us free to consider an application, at which point we will be obliged to consult with the community.”

A copy of the council’s consultation document can be downloaded from www.ambervalley.gov.uk.

See page six for more residents’ views on the site.