Haydn taking small steps to recovery

Haydn Thomson
Haydn Thomson
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The dad of hit and run teenager Haydn Thomson has spoken to the Advertiser about his son’s encouraging steps towards recovery.

Hunter Thomson said that Haydn, 19, has been sat up and talking to family and friends and can’t believe the support people in Ilkeston have shown him.

More than 5,000 people are now in a Facebook group set up to send messages of support and encouragement to Haydn.

Hunter said: “He’s taking small steps and every day there is a small improvement.

“It was touch and go for a long time, especially with the injuries he had.

“But he’s not fighting for his life anymore and that’s a relief to us all.

“It’s really quite hard for us as his family to see a young, active lad struggle as he is but we’re all being positive and seeing him make progress is really encouraging.”

Haydn, of St James Avenue, was in intensive care in a critical condition after he was hit by a car on Stanton Road in the early hours of Saturday May 12.

He regained consciousness last month but was unable to speak at first and had suffered infections and setbacks.

He is now on a normal ward and will soon be moved to a rehabilitation hospital in Derby.

The family and Haydn, who is a keen footballer, will not know the full extent of his injuries until he starts a rehabilitation programme but the teenager is having physio to help him walk again and chatting with visitors.

Following the incident Hunter released a photo of Haydn on life support to try and prompt witnesses to come forward.

This week he has released a picture of Haydn on his way to recovery (above).

Hunter said: “He has a laptop now in hospital with him so he can keep up to date with the Facebook group and read all of the messages of support.

“He’s still struggling to take in the amount of people who have wished him well and sent messages.

“The people of Ilkeston have been absolutely fantastic.”

Following the incident a 22-year-old man, from Ilkeston, has been arrested on suspicion of obstructing police, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and failing to report an accident and a 28-year-old man, also from Ilkeston, has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and failing to report an accident. Another 17-year-old from Nottinghamshire was arrested for obstructing police.

All three remain on police bail pending further enquiries.