Head balancer John Evans from Ilkeston aims for more records

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Ilkeston strongman John Evans wants to break more world records before he retires.

Well-known for balancing a number of heavy items on his head, from cement mixers, to Tiser reporters, John’s next challenge will see him balance a four metre high scaffolding tower on his head at a carnival in Newport Pagnell.

John, who holds 80 world records and is soon to turn 68, said: “I am going for another seven records. In 22 years nobody has ever challenged any of my records. 
“I have travelled the world in the last 22 years breaking records and I always mention that I am from Ilkeston.

“This will most likely be my final year to retire unbeaten and to have my name printed in all the main record keeping history books.

“I will leave a proud man to have achieved this. Age catches up with everything and I don’t want to be doing shows when I am past it. I feel fine at the moment and looking forward to being the best in the world again. It is a great feeling.

“I have organised hundreds of charity events and raised well over £200.000 for charity. This year I am really hoping this will be a success.”