Head balancers’ row over eggs — no yoke!

John Evans Records Challenge.
John Evans Records Challenge.

An African dancer whisked up a squabble with mighty Ilkeston strongman John Evans - over balancing eggs on their heads!

OAP John has over 30 world records for lifting massive weights on his bonce, ranging from TV presenters, cars and concrete mixers.

But Gregory da Silva claimed to be “the best head balancer in the world” because he walks around wearing a hat made from a pile of fresh eggs.

In an exasperating message sent to John’s Ilkeston home, Gregory says: “I am not just a head balancer but also a very famous dancer artist in Germany.

“I balance while singing, playing the African drum and dance at the same time. I can balance anything on my head dancing the whole day.

“You only balance things for 10 seconds. In Africa, we balance things since our young age. In Germany, I performed a whole day with the eggs hat but you could never do that,” he added.

John, 67, said the Guinness Book of Records had erred by giving space to Gregory’s egg feat. He lifted hundreds of eggs for charity at a farm near Derby.

He points out that his act is dangerous because of the huge weights involved, with the audience having to scramble if anything went wrong. If Gregory dropped his hat, people could joke about being splattered with yolk.

“Guinness gave him a record and they should not have done. I don’t think people should call me like he has done.

“He is hoping to get one over me and imagines he can argue better than me. He has no chance,” added grandad John of Awsworth Road, who has raised over £200,000 for charity in 21 years.

Disabled John learnt his skill on a building site, carrying bricks on his head so he could use both hands to hold onto ladders as he clambered onto roofs.