Another GP angry at cuts

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Yet another GP at Ilkeston’s biggest doctors’ surgery has spoken out over plans to slash bed numbers at Ilkeston Community Hospital (ICH).

Dr Nigel Downes has made a statement against the cuts two weeks after the GP prinicpal at Littlewick Medical Centre said doctors there were ‘in favour of’ the move.

Last year, Dr Downes told the Advertiser about his anger at the NHS’s plan to axe eight beds.

“To hear that a further 16 were to close was very surprising,” he said.

“The wards are quiet at present but I am concerned that in winter, local GPs will have difficulty admitting patients.”

Derbyshire Community Health Services said that the move was in response to more patients preferring to be treated at home. It is thought that beds could be brought back on to the wards if required.

Dr Downes said he was concerned that not all patients wanting palliative care want to be cared for at home.

“Locally we do not have need for a hospice,” he said.

“Patients receive excellent care in ICH and if expertise is required, we have easy access to advice from Dr Swanwick’s palliative care team, who visit ICH every week.