Hypnobirthing instructor offers mind magic for mums-to-be

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A new mother from Ilkeston is embarking on a second career inspired by the mindfulness techniques she used to help her through pregnancy.

When Rebecca Slater, 38, found out that she was pregnant she was petrified at the prospect of giving birth.

Rebecca, who runs her own PR firm, said: “I had always had a slight fear of pregnancy and birth, probably because of all the negative things we see and hear about it from friends and the media. So I knew I had to get some help.”

Not wanting the anxiety to ruin her pregnancy, she decided to do some research into things that might be able to help and discovered Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing.

She said: “Doing the Mindful Mamma workshop, reading the accompanying book and listening to the hypnobirthing tracks had such a positive effect on my pregnancy and birth experience.”

“My son is a really happy, chilled out baby, and I think the fact that I was able to remain relaxed throughout has contributed to that.”

Mindful Mamma is the first one-day hypnobirthing class to combine mindfulness techniques with traditional hypnosis, and is intended to help mothers-to-be and their birth partners remain calm, relaxed and in control.

In fact, Rebcca was left feeling so positive about the experience that undertook training and is now a qualified Mindful Mamma hypnpobirthing practitioner.

She added: “What I love is that Mindful Mamma can be used for any type of birth. It doesn’t just promote undisturbed birth and women’s confidence in their ability to birth— it recognises that sometimes birth doesn’t go to plan and how to be prepared for that.”

Rebecca will hold monthly sessions at Acorn Natural Health Centre in Heanor, and will also do private classes for couples.

She said: “I really want to help more people feel empowered by birth rather than fear it.”

To find out more about Mindful Mamma techniques or to book a course with Rebecca visit www.mindfulmamma.co.uk.