Implants feel like a ‘ticking timebomb’

AN ILKESTON mum has told the Advertiser she feels like a ‘walking timebomb’ after discovering she has PIP breast implants.

The 33-year-old beauty therapist, who does not want to be named, only realised she had the implants after the private surgery group where she had her breast enlargement operation featured on an ITV programme about the implants.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when I realised. I’d read about what was happening and seen it on the news but as far as I knew I had different implants.

“It was only when I was watching the show that I realised. I’ve been in touch with the clinic and had them checked and they say there’s no rupture. They told me they will remove them for free but I will have to pay out for them to be replaced.

“I saved for years to have the original operation which cost £5,000 and now they expect me to fork out for this.”

The implants hit the headlines in December when the French government urged women to have them removed.

The warning was issued after tests revealed that the implants contained industrial silicone rather than medical-grade fillers and that they may be more prone to rupture and leakage.

It is reported that Poly Implant Prosthèse (PIP), the French company that maufactured the implants, used a cheap type of silicone gel usually used for making mattresses.

The government has said that women who are worried about the implants can have them removed for free on the NHS.

The woman said: “It’s ok for the NHS and companies to say that they can be removed for free but what will be left?

“Most if not all women will still need some sort of reconstructive surgery if they didn’t have them replaced and the point is we paid to have this done, it should have been done properly.

“The product was approved and I had no reason to doubt anything before the operation.

“It should be the government paying, not me and not the clinics. The government gave the implants the stamp of approval. Clinics bought the implants in good faith and so did I.”

The mum told the Advertiser she will wait and see if there any further developments before deciding whether to have a replacement operation.

She added: “I think I’ll have to come up with the money just for peace of mind.

“It’s hard not to keep thinking about it and I can’t carry on like that.”