New system has big benefits for surgery

NILALC101005A2 - Littlewick mediacal centre feature
NILALC101005A2 - Littlewick mediacal centre feature

Patients at Littlewick Medical Centre will soon be receiving text message appointment reminders when a new improved system is introduced.

System One will go live later this month and will mean that all patient notes will be available to view including test results, hospital visits and prescription details.

Diane Perry, practice business development manager, said: “This system will benefit both us a practice and the patients.

“Features like text message reminders should mean we see a reduction in missed appointments meaning better availability and a more efficient service.”

The new computer system, which is being funded nationally by the NHS, is already being used successfully at other local surgeries.

Head receptionist, Claire Nicholas, said: “As it is we have three systems open at a time to deal with patient queries but this system will have everything all in one place.

“X-rays, MRI scans and notes from hospital tests will all be uploaded electronically and we will be able to see them at the surgery as soon as the notes are typed up.

“We won’t have to wait for the courier or internal post, as soon as the results are available we’ll have them meaning we can advise residents on the next step much quicker.”

The surgery has warned that patients could experience some delays between October 19 and October 26.