NHS hail cancer work

THE NHS is hailing its controversial ‘Hey you, remember to check your poo’ campaign a success, claiming Ilkeston residents have become more aware of cancer symptoms.

The brightly coloured billboards around town, which featured the slogan alongside faces of Derbyshire residents, were aimed at getting townsfolk to recognise the onset of bowel cancer.

Before the campaign ran in July, the NHS said just five per cent of those surveyed in Ilkeston named ‘blood in stools’ as a symptom of bowel cancer, but this figure leapt to 32 per cent after the campaign.

If the cancer is diagnosed early, the chances of patients surviving is more than 90 per cent, compared to just 6.6 per cent if diagnosed later.

Dr Bruce Laurence, acting director of public health for NHS Derbyshire, said: “It could give them a life-saving chance of beating the illness.”