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NILA 11-09-12 BE 3 Mick Frost wants Ilkeston hospital manners ward kept open.
NILA 11-09-12 BE 3 Mick Frost wants Ilkeston hospital manners ward kept open.

A patient just discharged from Ilkeston Community Hospital has called for health chiefs to reverse the decision to close the Manners Ward.

Mick Frost, 69, spent seven months at the Heanor Road hospital and told the Advertiser he believes planned bed closures spell the beginning of the end for the facility as a whole.

He said: “My life was saved at Nottingham City Hospital but I got my life back at Ilkeston Hospital.

“The nurses there are outstanding, all the staff are. I’ve never come across such hardworking and dedicated people.

“Being there for so long you get to see how things work, some of the nurses were working 12 hour shifts without breaks, there already isn’t enough staff there so when the beds are closed down it will be even more of a struggle.”

Mr Frost was transferred to Ilkeston Community Hospital from Nottingham City Hospital where he spent five months after he collapsed last year.

He added: “Closing the ward is a massive mistake and we should be fighting to keep it open.”

Jackie Rawlings, general manager for the Erewash area of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “We are delighted to hear that Mr Frost was pleased with the care he received.

“His experiences of excellent care at the hands of our ward staff will continue to be a key feature of the care we provide at Ilkeston. Ward beds will continue to be available, as now, for any patient who needs care in a ward setting.”