Shadow health minister talks over hospital

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The future of Ilkeston Community Hospital was discussed at the Labour party conference after Cllr James Dawson raised the issue with the shadow health secretary.

Labour’s Andy Burnham said: “I am concerned about the scale and pace of changes coming forward across the country as the Government loses its grip on NHS finances.

“Patients, and the wider public must be consulted thoroughly on the plans at Ilkeston and a strong clinical argument must be made.”

Cllr Dawson said he explained to Mr Burnham that half the beds were under threat of closure at the Heanor Road hospital.

“The hospital is situated in my ward of Abbotsford and I told Andy that there are no facilities in the community to replace the brilliant 24 hour care provided by our community hospital,” he said.

“There has been no proper community consultation – and there is no good clinical case for the closure of these beds. We believe it is the forerunner of full-scale hospital closure.”

A public meeting is being held at the hospital on Monday at 6pm to discuss its proposals to axe Manners Ward.