Help fund flying 999 service for children

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The Children’s Air Ambulance is our national service, flying critically ill children from one hospital to another for specialist care.

We are the first and only dedicated paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in the country.

The bespoke, specialist equipment on board our helicopter provides a flying intensive care unit for children. When a child is too sick to fly, we fly a specialist team to them. With flight times commonly over four times quicker than transfer by road, in many cases, time saved is a life saved.

We know that every day in the UK, there are two children who need our help. But right now we can only reach one in every three children who need us. We need your help to reach them all.

Our helicopter is the Agusta Westland 109s Grand - the fastest civilian helicopter available - and can travel up to speeds of 185mph.

Unlike our HEMS Services we fly with two pilots, our 
pilots are all rigorously trained.

Often, our pilots will have thousands of flying hours recorded in their flight logs.

The pilots will support each other in planning, and during the flight helping to navigate, communicate with all of the relevant teams involved in the transfer (in the air and on the ground) and help to carefully load and unload the patients on the bespoke stretcher.

Our air desk is manned Monday to Friday by a small team of operations coordinators. They are the first point of contact for any incoming transfer requests made by one of the six NHS transport teams we work with.

The request will be communicated to our pilots, who will then check the weather forecast, the best route and landing sites, as well as how much fuel will be needed to complete the transfer, before the flight is confirmed. Flight progress is monitored by the operations coordinators throughout the flight and good communication is maintained with all teams.

We work with NHS paediatric retrieval services across the country, transferring critically ill children and babies with conditions like neurological emergencies, cardiac problems and major organ failure. Paediatric retrieval teams are specialists, employed by the NHS, in the management of very sick children.

They are all affiliated with major children hospitals like Great Ormond Street, Alder Hey and Manchester Children’s Hospital. We work with regional teams across the whole of England and Wales.

The Children’s Air Ambulance is currently the only air ambulance to offer a clinically custom-designed flying intensive care unit for children. Although other air ambulances can transfer children in emergencies, they do not normally have the specialised equipment needed to transfer babies and children under intensive care.

Our planned events this year been exciting and we have met some fantastic people and it’s not too late to join in and tag along.

This is our busiest period with events for both our services, with the next event for The Childrens Air Ambulance taking place on Sunday, September 25.

Strong Survive Derbyshire is hosting a custom and classic bike show at the Hurt Arms, Derby Road, Ambergate DE56 2EJ - showing off different bikes to appeal to all riders while raising money for The Childrens Ambulance and Teenage Cancer Trust. Tickets to enter your bike into the show cost £3 per person or £5 rider and pillion and under 14s go free.

Show entry is free and gates open from 10am. Please come and join us to help raise funds for this amazing lifesaving service.

If you would like to hold an event, support us with a collection tin, volunteer for us or if would like to make a donation, please give us a call on 08454 130999 and quote reference BMDSG.