Help needed for new book


My name is Bryan Maloney and I intend to publish another book after some more research.

I am looking for anyone that can give me any useable information or photographs of and about the village of Cossall, especially the colliery, any photos of the colliery or the local area and of in and around Cossall.

One photograph I specifically want is one of the winding wheels at the top of the main entrance to the mine, on Coronation Road.

I have seen this photo but the current owner is unable to let me use it as there is no traceable owner and it cannot be used without their permission.

The winding wheels are not at the entrance of the main entrance to the mine, as it was a drift mine. There may be other photos of the other mines in the village from the distant past.

I am looking for any information at all please. Any help would be gratefully received, I know there is a lot of information out there as I have already acquired some of it.

Please email with photos or information at

Thank you for any help that you can give me,

Bryan Maloney