Help the air ambulance to continue saving lives

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We often hear in the news that essential services are being reduced due to budget cuts or a lack of funding.

With local government having less money available for what can be considered essential services, the reliance on charities to step in is on the increase.

There are many charities that take on the challenge to provide some of these much needed services and with a team of volunteers they begin to raise the funds necessary to keep the service running.

There is certainly no shortage of good causes and charities around these days and all vying for our support.

It would be a wonderful position to be in, to be able to help them all, but in all practicality we can only hope to help a handful at best.

I help through volunteering my time to a few good causes and I am always grateful for every penny that is donated.

As a volunteer I have come to appreciate how valuable each moment of time can be, whether it be holding a bucket for a collection, running a table-top sale or giving a talk about the charity, it can be hard work, not everyone you meet wants to put their hands in their pocket, but hopefully they are supporting their own charity or community in their own way.

Whether you want to develop and explore new career possibilities, or, are a student looking to enhance your CV, maybe someone able to share your professional expertise, or, like me, enjoy being part of a team, and making a positive difference for the benefit of our local area and the community.

Why not support the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA)?

We receive no government funding or lottery funding and as a charity are entirely dependent upon volunteers and fundraising to help keep such a vital service in the skies. We cover a population in excess of 1.4 million in our area.

Each mission costs approximately £1,700 and we cover 2,100 square miles. We are desperately seeking a variety of people across Derbyshire who can help us to continue saving lives.

Many people still ask me what volunteering is. To me it’s simple; it’s about choosing to give time to do something useful without getting paid.

It can be helping people in the local community, society, the environment or animals.

I would recommend volunteering to anyone, so please join me and you too can discover the joys of volunteering whether this be through Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance or another charity or community project close to your heart, which ever path you chose, enjoy it, don’t let it become a chore, and always be ready with a smile.

If you would like to hold an event, support us with a collection tin, volunteer for us or if would like to make a donation, please let me know through the Ilkeston News Team on 01159 44 6185 or