History brought to life for Ilkeston students

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History was brought to life for students from Kirk Hallam Community Academy during a trip to Normandy in France.

A total of 42 year seven students spent four days in the region where they learned more about the D-Day landings and visited the Bayeux Tapestry.

They also put their language skills to the test at a French market, ordered meals in French and had fun at a local theme park.

Hilary Burton, French and German teacher at Kirk Hallam Community Academy, said everyone had a great time.

She said: “The aim of the trip was to encourage the students to use their French and also learn about the area.

“For some of them it’s their first time abroad or perhaps their first time away from home for a longer period of time and it’s great for them to experience that with their friends.

“We encouraged them to order food and ice creams in French and they also visited a market where they were asked to think about what things cost and how much they would be worth in English money.

“They also learnt more about the Second World War and we visited shell holes left by bombs.

“We were staying right next to a beach and each night they would play games on the sand which was great teambuilding.”

Alfie Harrison and Katie Rice, both 12, said they thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Katie said: “We learned a lot. I liked visiting the shell holes that the bombs had made, they were so big we could go inside them.

“When we went to the Bayeux Tapestry it felt like we were learning more about it because we were seeing it in real life.”

Alfie said: “We were a bit nervous at first about using French. I said hello and thankyou and tried to speak a bit of French at our hotel - I just didn’t want to get it wrong.

“I also loved the theme park, it had some really good rides.”