Homes set to be approved

A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build 11 homes on greenbelt in Stanley Common has been recommended for approval by council planners.

The plan to build the affordable houses and bungalows on land north of the former Stanley Lodge Farm has angered villagers, who say they will lose a beauty spot and too much pressure will be put on limited local services.

Developer Waterloo Housing has also submitted a plan to build a further two homes in Stanley, on land east of Dale Road.

Labour councillor for both villages, Linda McGraw, has spoken out ahead of the meeting next Wednesday when the proposal will be voted on.

“My constituents understand the need for new homes as I do,” she explained.

“But fresh development must be spread out throughout the borough.”

The council has received 21 letters of objection from neighbours, and objections to both plans have been received from the parish council over the loss of greenbelt.

One resident wrote: “Leave the greenbelt and stop changing the rules because it is cheaper to buy.”

Erewash’s crime prevention design adviser objected on the grounds that a right of way through the site will become more closed from view leading to an ‘unnecessary risk’ of crime for neighbours.

Cllr McGraw continued: “This is far from being a NIMBY protest – these residents have, in fact, identified alternative sites in Stanley that would be ideal for the purpose with the added extra that they are not on greenbelt land.”

But the plans are supported by both the council’s planning policy officer and housing strategy officer because of the affordable housing element.

Planners have advised that Waterloo Housing gives cash towards enhancing a public open space in the village and ensures that the occupiers of the houses ‘have a strong local link’.

Councillors will vote on the proposals on February 8 at Long Eaton Town Hall.