Hopes for tram to come to Ilkeston

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With hopes that trams could eventually run to our neighbours in Eastwood and Kimberley, we asked for your views on whether a tram should come to Ilkeston.

A poll revealed that support for a tram extension from Nottingham was highest in Ilkeston and Cotgrave.

And the ‘Tiser’s sister paper the Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser reported last week that Nottingham city councillor Nick McDonald believed a tram to the two towns was ‘key’ for their economic growth.

But what did our Twitter followers have to say?

Some were positive like Aaron Hodson (@HKDOW), who said: “Makes so much more sense than Beeston, which doesn’t need or want a tram service.”

And Jason Green (@veganjase): “It’s the people it would attract to live here, with the easy access to Notts, in turn will attract more business.

“The train comes from a wider area, the tram is just a good connection to Nottingham. All good for Ilkeston.”

It has been mooted that a tram could link up with the new train station, set to open in 2014 just off Station Road, which could settle doubts about the station being too far from Ilkeston town centre to bring about regeneration.

But some were doubtful, such as Martyn (@Factory_Fodder): “I suspect trams would demote Ilkeston to a dormitory town, trade would leave for Nottingham rather than bring it in.”

And Michelle Stevenson (@Shell_Stevenson): “Why would anyone catch a tram to Ilkeston?

“We have nothing left to attract shoppers.”

“Used to be trams and trolleys (remember them?) here but got rid of when ‘trackless’ vehicle advantages realised - can go anywhere,” added Ilk Cam (@ilkcam).

Let us know your views on a tram coming to Ilkeston by logging on to our Twitter account @IlkestonTiser.