Houses plan all about cash


With reference to the Erewash Borough Council proposed housing developments.

It is not that I am against the actual building of much needed housing even though one of the developments directly affects my environment and most probably my house value but I am outraged at the group of people calling themselves ‘the planning policy team’.

I am sure that when all of the upwardly mobile young professionals and avid shoppers move into these new developments in Ilkeston they will just love what has been done with the place – as long as they are partial to a kebab, enjoy rooting around in charity shops, petting rampant Staffordshire bull terriers and queuing in traffic.

The council have declared that there will be no new roads or infrastructure built to facilitate these developments which reduces the ‘plan’ to drawing around some saleable land with a felt tip pen and to hell with the rest of us.

That must have been a fairly short day for the planning team.

Apparently there is nowhere to put new roads which surely makes the ‘plan’ a non-starter in the first place, especially as Ilkeston is at a standstill at peak times and the road surface on Quarry Hill is already destroyed with the sheer volume and size of the traffic.

Is there a good reason that a connecting road can’t be built between High Lane, the new development and even into Shipley View to at least reduce the volume of traffic having to use the proposed entry routes? That’s a plan although it may involve spending money.

Lets not kid ourselves. This is about money and not about town planning. This is demonstrated time and time again whichever party is in control.

It wasn’t long ago when Labour councillors were proposing to build on the golf course, of course they are now out demonstrating against such developments.

The council planning policy document states that if I or another resident wanted to build a retail outlet we would be strongly opposed because of the council’s determination to protect the existing shops and traders in the town but it didn’t stop them giving Tesco permission to build a huge white monstrosity at the bottom of town.

And just in case people might escape it by entering the town from the other direction they let them build one there too. I’ll bet those small traders are really feeling protected by the policy statement as they board up their shops.

You ask us to vote you in so at least have the decency to be straight with the people who you are supposed to represent. The vague statements and obscure reasons are all nonsense and we all know it.

Just like most people and all councillors and their relatives I don’t really want these things in my backyard but like most reasonable, intelligent people if presented with a coherent plan, intelligent reasoning and a lack of alternatives I can accept things for the greater good of the town and progress.

The people you represent however should not have the quality of their surroundings ruined so that you can balance your accounts.

Kevan Pierrepont

West End Drive