Houses would benefit town


Today I have taken a laminated poster from the fence at the bottom of my garden in Shipley View which was put there without my permission.

Yesterday, I received a leaflet entitled “Say no!” through my letterbox.

All of this furore seems to surround the proposed development of Ilkeston West.

The area named Ilkeston West shows the proposed area for development.

It looks to me as though traffic will go out of the new development towards West Hallam onto a major road, rather than through Shipley View. Certainly it can’t all go through Shipley View; that would be insane.

So – what are the other big objections?

Schools won’t have capacity: Apart from the fact there may be new schools included in the development, Ilkeston School (or whatever it is called this week) in particular has I believe been subject to falling roll numbers for years.

It would surely welcome an influx, as presumably would its feeder schools.

Loss of green areas: Most of the land we are talking of here is ex-council rubbish tip, flood plain, or opencast mined land worked at a time when there was no obligation to restore top soil. In short, much of it is wasteland.

There is no indication I have seen that the path belonging to the National Cycle Network will be impacted.

It would be nice to see a band to either side of that defended by the council but surely that is possible.

I don’t pretend to know all the detail (and suspect that no-one else does yet) but on the face of it these points are surely outweighed by plusses?

More housing for young people and families who cannot afford them now, more work in construction at a time when jobs are particularly hard to come by, more catchment area for shopkeepers in the town centre which is dying on its feet as things stand and the redevelopment of the aforementioned wasteland for a useful and beneficial purpose.

Perhaps the people with the big objections have no family kicking heels on the dole, and nice views out of their back windows?

Mark Pitchford

Horsecroft Close


n EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this letter was submitted the council has admitted there are no plans to build new access roads for these developments – see page three for more.