Housing group want answers


We write to express our immense frustration and disappointment in the way the Erewash Borough Council conducted itself on Thursday evening.

Has the council forgotten that it is we who gave them the privilege of holding the title councillor, it is we who pay council tax and it is we who VOTE.

Furthermore it is we who gave up our valuable professional and family time and in some cases had to make child care arrangements at a cost, something that we cannot claim as an expense.

To be issued with a incredulous ‘generic’ statement further demonstrated the council’s contempt for the residents in attendance.

We will be responding to your statement and answers to our questions when you can find the time to issue the same.

To be herded like cattle and put in the intimidating position of being individually escorted to the chamber demonstrated a total lack of respect for the voting public.

Can Councillor Corbett explain what he expected the residents to take away from the meeting? .

Can he please advise when he will be issuing answers to residents’ questions, we remind him that EBC have been in possession of questions for nearly two weeks, further we require him to issue answers directly and publicly.

Yet again Erewash Borough Council continue to highlight their ineptitude in handling this issue. FAILURE after FAILURE after FAILURE.

Cllr Corbett we must remind you that we will NOT go away, deal with us in the same manner in which you wish to be dealt with.

Chris Hendrick

Manner Floods Action Group