Housing hold ups has costs


RE: Smalley Homes (Advertiser)

Whenever developments are held up for purely social engineering concerns, not only does the cost rise in proportion to the delays, but also a whole chain of economic benefit to the community is held up, and that the affordable housing ‘goal posts’ are moved ever farther away from those who would like to live there (if they could be allowed to do so by the Planning Committee).

It’s a bit like the old woman who lived in a shoe.

One of her children complained of his financial and social existence, because neither he nor any other of his brothers and sisters could earn sufficient money to leave home, and strike out on their own.

To which the old woman replied, ‘I know, but then we are all in the same boat.’

Then of course, being in the ‘same boat’ also applies to the Field Farm housing plan, which is presently in its planning stages.

Paul Snell