Housing needs to be debated


I agree with Chris Hendrick, member of Manner Floods action group in his letter to last week’s Advertiser.

I too was very disappointed at the lack of debate on the issue of the proposed housing sites identified in Ilkeston.

We the Labour group on the council had put together a notice of motion that was disallowed. It was disallowed allegedly because the controlling Tory group thought it would prejudice the public consultation that is now supposed to take place. We were in their eyes jumping the gun and wanting discussion too early.

That is all very well, but would a frank, fair, open, honest, and transparent discussion been of any detriment?

I think not. In my opinion it would have helped the public in the forthcoming consultation, because it would have left them in no doubt as to the mood of their local elected politicians on all sides of the chamber, and subsequently been of help to them in making an informed choice.

Instead all they have been left with is memories of a council meeting at which they were grudgingly permitted to ask questions which were then not debated in any meaningful way.

Councillor John Frudd

Borough councillor

Kirk Hallam ward