How can we afford billions on aid?

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I read that the Chancellor needs to raise £11.5 billion pounds in his spending review to enable him to balance the books.

One of the items which he says cannot be cut is overseas aid.

This set me thinking and when I looked on the internet we apparently donate £12.5 billion to the aforementioned aid.

So, is it too simple to say something along the lines of: “To everyone overseas, while we do care about you and love helping you we are skint and we need this money to get ourselves out of the mess we are in and finally concentrate on helping our own first”.

Once we have paid the £11.5 billion, the one billion left over can be used for various projects ie helping our injured servicemen and women, caring for the elderly who made this country great ( yes young ‘uns, it did used to be) or even trying to find a cure for that most vile disease, cancer.

Overseas aid is something we should all be proud of, but I wonder how many of your readers share my view that it should only happen when people in this country have been looked after first?

Mick Slaney,

High Lane East,

West Hallam.