How did councillors get photos?

The photographs accompanying the article on the cleanliness of Victoria Park Leisure Centre in last week’s Advertiser raises a much wider issue. While it’s admirable that councillors are concerned that the facility should be as clean as possible how did they manage to get a camera into the premises on an ‘unaccompanied’ visit and therefore presumably without permission?

As a professional photographer for more years than I care to remember I know full-well the hoops I would have been required to jump through if I wanted to take a camera into such a sensitive area.

An application in writing several weeks prior, professional credentials, criminal records check, public liability insurance, risk assessment – in fact the whole nine yards as demanded by the Ayatollahs of today’s health and safety cult. And of course even then permission would be refused.

I’m sure that if I turned up with a camera unannounced and tried the same thing the boys in blue would quickly be on the scene.

Paul Harvey