How long will repair take?


As a resident of Kirk Hallam I am wondering – along with hundreds of other motorists no doubt, who are having their daily lives disrupted by that wall at the top of Bulls Head Hill – just how much longer this job is going to take.

The building of a small retaining wall which was destroyed by a lorry, is now entering its fourth week. The builders are in their third week of putting up a bit of shuttering which, it seems will form the basis of a concrete wall.

As someone who has, in the distant past, worked in the building industry, I know that in three weeks a team of joiners can put up enough shuttering to build a power station so what is the problem here?

I don’t care how long it takes to build the wall but I am sick and tired of sitting in long traffic tailbacks every time I go to Ilkeston and then repeat the exercise when I come back, not to mention all the people in cars and buses who are trying to get to work and school.

Surely there must be someone on Erewash Borough Council or Derbyshire County Council who can go somewhere and kick some butt to get this job done and free up the road again.

By the way, I would also like to congratulate the people who sanction the use of these lights as we had the added pleasure of negotiating two sets of lights last week when someone decided to dig up Stanton Road for a couple of days, now that really was fun.

At times, traffic is backed up as far as Kirk Hallam church in one direction, White Lion island in the other direction and back down to Stanton in the third direction, all for a little wall.

Yours sincerely

Frank Shaw

Kirk Hallam