HS2 route through Erewash slammed

Betty and Dick Bishton fear they could lose their home to HS2. Stanton By Dale.
Betty and Dick Bishton fear they could lose their home to HS2. Stanton By Dale.

The leader of Erewash Borough Council has spoken out against possible changes to the HS2 project, which would see the route stop in Breaston.

Phase two of the project, which would see high speed rail from the Midlands to the north, is currently being considered following a consultation.

The route included a stop at Toton in Nottinghamshire, but it is believed this could now be scrapped in favour of a stop close to Breaston.

Leader of Erewash Borough Council, Chris Corbett, said: “We are aware of the rumour that the HS2 station could be moved to the Erewash borough.

“We have no insight into this speculation and await the report that is due to be released on October 27.

“However, if it is suggested in that report that the hub be moved to Breaston, it would seem a strange proposal and I would certainly be against it and strongly oppose any such move. It would mean cutting through greenbelt land and this council takes a strong stand in preserving our greenbelt. The fact it is also a flood area would also make it a curious proposal.

“It has always seemed to me that Toton – which is a brownfield site - is the best place for the HS2 station and we have been working hard, along with the other local councils, to make this a reality.”

HS2 has declined to confirm whether such a decision has already been taken and a formal announcement will be made by the chairman of HS2, David Higgins, later this month.

Last month, the ‘Tiser reported on Betty and Dick Bishton, who live in Stanton Gate. They were told that they could lose their house to HS2.

Betty said: “If it’s not going to happen in the next five to seven years we still need to know. We are getting older and won’t be able to keep up with things soon. We need to know what’s happening.”