HS2 station is ‘good for area’

The Government confirmed this week that a station for the new HS2 line will be built just yards from the Erewash border.

The Toton station will deliver passengers to London along a high-speed line in about 50 minutes.

The leader of Erewash council has hailed it as ‘great news for the borough’.

“It’s going to bring new business,” said Cllr Chris Corbett. “It’s excellent not just to be to able to go to London but to Birmingham or Leeds.”

He added that he would prefer it if the station were called Long Eaton International, rather than East Midlands hub as it has been provisionally named.

“It’s great for jobs too, not just in construction but it will bring businesses in,” he said.

But there are concerns that it could make Long Eaton a commuter town.

“People spend a lot more time than that getting in to London,” he said. “And the price of housing is likely to go up but it will bring more people in to the area who will spend more money in our shops.”

A row of homes known as the Railway Cottages will have to be demolished to make way for the line but Cllr Corbett said it was a ‘small amount of pain’, compared to our neighbour Broxtowe borough, where the station will be sited.