Hundreds knocked off housing figures

THE NUMBER of houses controversially proposed for two areas of green space in Ilkeston has been slashed by hundreds, it was revealed this week.

At the design day last Thursday to discuss 1,200 new houses proposed for the town earlier this year, the council’s head of planning Steve Birkinshaw explained to residents that there was likely to be far less housing on both the Manners and Quarry Hill Road sites and more space for industry in Manners.

Members of the two campaign groups formed against the proposals listened to opinions from council officers and other experts about the likely size and make-up of each proposed area.

Environmental protection officer with Erewash Borough Council Leigh Armstrong said that Manners Industrial Estate was a ‘major concern’ for building houses in the area.

“There are no restrictions on the types of business and the times they can operate,” she explained.

“Some are noisy and there is little that can be done to rectify that.

“In any proposal we would ideally look for provision of a buffer zone.”

As a result Mr Birkinshaw said that the Manners development, earmarked for 700 homes, would now be nearer to 500 homes and would also carry more than the six hectares of land originally put forward as industrial use.

He said that because of more than 1,000 responses to the council’s public consultation last month, the make-up of the Manners site has had to be changed.

“Having reviewed comments we have got, we are having to review what this site is,” he said.

During discussions about the Quarry Hill site, Mr Birkinshaw revealed that the likely figure of homes there would now be about 300 or 400, rather than the 500 mooted in the public consultation.

Part of the reason was that the flood plain of the Nutbrook covers the southern tip of the proposed area, preventing development.

Despite this drawback, most of the experts agreed that the site was less problematic than both Stanton and Manners.

It was suggested that an entrance to the Quarry Hill site could run off Quarry Hill Road, while the entrance to the Manners site could run along a disused railway line off Manners Avenue.