Hygiene fears at Ilkeston takeaway that was handed one-star rating

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A takeaway in Ilkeston accused of selling undercooked chicken kebabs that led to food poisoning has failed to meet hygiene standards.

USA Express Chicken on South Street was inspected by an environmental health officer from Erewash Borough Council in January when they were handed a hygiene rating of just one, meaning major improvements are necessary.

The report states: “During my inspection I observed practices that gave me cause for concern, particularly in relation to the potential for cross contamination to occur between raw and ready-to-eat foods and in relation to the possible undercooking of chicken doner on the upright kebab grill.

“This department has received notification that two people who consumed chicken doner kebabs allegedly purchased from your premises on New Year’s Eve have contracted Campylobacter food poisoning bacteria which is a bacteria commonly found on raw chicken.

“Whilst I do not have sufficient evidence to progress this matter further, the conditions found during my inspection lead me to believe there could be some validity to the complaint.”

It added that urgent action was required to control the cross contamination risks identified and to ensure the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

During the inspection staff could also be seen slicing doner chicken meat and putting it straight into a bain-marie to be served, despite having told the inspector that the meat was passed through the pizza oven to ensure thorough cooking.

The inspector stated: “Such actions automatically raised my concerns and undermined my confidence in the overall management of your premises.”

Giving misleading information is also considered an offence.

There were also concerns in the nine-page report about chicken strips being stored at the wrong temperature, cross contamination, which could lead to e-coli, build up of food debris on the floor, and not keeping appropriate records.

The ‘Tiser approached USA Express Chicken but they did not wish to comment on the report.

Hygiene scores for premises in Ilkeston and other areas can be found at food.gov.uk/ratings.