I’m against Bath Street traffic

Forgive me for being confused, David Vipond criticised councillors (in last week’s ‘Tiser) who have not responded to his group’s list of demands and also criticises myself, who has responded to his list of demands and made some objections to what is being proposed.

I am opposed to any sort of traffic on Bath Street, whether it is disabled vehicles or buses. I believe it would drive away a lot of families with young children for they would never be able to let them run loose.

As for the rest of the demands made by Mr Vipond and his group, I thought they would be up for negotiation but it appears Mr Vipond’s abrasive style does not allow for this.

One of the things I did suggest in my response was that instead of the traders making a list of demands that unfortunately reads like a ransom note, they should be asking for some of the money allocated for regeneration to be used to provide some market research by a professional body such as Mori.

In other words, they should be responding to the needs of their customers.

What they might find out is that the market has changed. People have less money for luxury items. They are less inclined to take on credit or debt and above all seek value for money. Nearly half the goods sold in this country are sold through the internet and that includes goods bought from the big four supermarkets. Mr Vipond and his colleagues should be thinking about how they are going to respond to the changing market and how the council can help them achieve this.

Cllr Frank Phillips,

Ilkeston Central Ward.