I will not back down in fight


I would like to say to the people if Ilkeston that I will continue to fight for your right to observe Remembrance Sunday at 11am in Ilkeston, despite Councillor Corbett’s letter.

Councillor Corbett describes the vote of the Royal British Legion as ‘overwhelming’. The branch has 120 members and only nine stated that they preferred a 3pm parade. I would not call that overwhelming.

Fifteen of the eighteen Ilkeston councillors signed a petition calling for a parade in Ilkeston at 11am.

They represent 27,000 people. They also voted for the motion at the full council meeting on July 21. That’s what I call overwhelming.

Councillor Corbett states that important members of the parade such as marshalls, standard bearers, clergy, bands and uniformed organisations would have to decide which to attend, if there was to be a parade in Ilkeston at 11am.

These organisations are Ilkeston-based. They have Ilkeston in their title. Ilkeston people support them throughout the year and they should support Ilkeston people to observe remembrance in Ilkeston at 11am.

The council’s decision is unfair on Ilkeston people.

To belittle the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who died to save this country by bringing up the cost of motions to council is a disgrace.

We live in a democracy and I will continue to represent the wishes of the people of Ilkeston by calling on this council to organise a Remembrance Sunday Service and wreath laying service in Ilkeston at 11am.

Councillor Tim Moloney


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