Ian Meakin jailed for six years for killing Angela Ward

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An Ilkeston man who killed his partner when he stabbed her with a bread knife has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Ian Meakin, 49, pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Nottingham Crown Court on October 21.

The court heard that Angela, 27, his partner of two years, died from a 12 centimetre deep stab wound to the abdomen on May 4 this year.

The couple, who judge Gregory Dickinson QC described as having a ‘volatile’ relationship, had been drinking in pubs in Ilkeston that day. When they got home to their flat in Critchley Street, Angela, who the court heard could be ‘aggressive when in drink’ went towards Meakin brandishing two knives. In what was described as a ‘loss of control’ he grabbed the bigger of the knives from her hand and turned it on her.

Prosecuting, John Lloyd-Jones, said: “Witnesses described him as a polite and placid guy who hated confrontation. It’s clear however that he knew how to wind Angela up. He would put her down and antagonise her.”

He said that CCTV footage taken from Ilkeston town centre showed Angela verbally abusing door staff and hitting Meakin in the street. He said: “On Sunday May 4 he (Meakin) went home to drop his son off. He and Angela bought four cans of lager and went home and drank them. They then went to pubs in Ilkeston and clearly had a lot to drink. They were both twice over the legal drink drive limit.”

He said that Angela pushed Meakin on some steps. The couple argued and then embraced before making their way home. They arrived back at the flat at around 8.30pm.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said a neighbour heard loud shouting and then Meakin knocked on her door and said: “It’s Angela, she’s started again, I need your help.”

Angela was heard saying ‘get back in here’ and the argument continued. He knocked on the neighbour’s door again, this time holding a wounded Angela. Police and paramedics were called but she died shortly afterwards.

In police interview Meakin said he had just wanted to ‘prick’ her to get her back.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said Angela’s family had been left devastated by her death and were unable to move on. He said: “Everybody feels Angela has been robbed of her future and they have been robbed of enjoying that future with her too.”

Defending, Philip Shears, said that Meakin, a father of two, was full of remorse for what had happened. He said friends that had known him for years described him as a lovely man who was polite and friendly.

He said Meakin and Angela had been engaged and talked about having children.

Talking about events on that night, he said: “A neighbour heard heavy thumps and bangs in the corridor. Ian is then heard shouting ‘leave me alone Angela’ and ‘don’t do that’.

“She asked him for her phone but he didn’t have it. She pointed a knife at his chest and said ‘go and get my phone now’. He hears the kitchen drawer open and she said “You’ve had it now’ and came out holding two knives.”

She then followed him out onto the landing where he managed to get one of the knives off her. She then stabbed him in the groin with the other knife.

“He responds in the heat of the moment by stabbing her.”

He said it was Meakin that called an ambulance and was trying to wake her up.

In summing up, Judge Dickinson, told Meakin: “The common thread to so many of these cases is excessive drinking, pointless violence by people fuelled by alcohol that they would never think of when sober.

“It must have been clear to the family that you were not right for each other but in your own way you and Angela loved each other.”

In sentencing Meakin to six years, he said: “In my judgement, in this case, there was substantial provocation’, adding that Meakin showed ‘genuine remorse.’