Il’son is not how it was


Response to Roundabout looks a state (letters, November 24)

Gee.... Millership Way is an impressive name as it is. Being at the end of Shiloh I believe that a better sponsor for this traffic island would be British Coal or is it Coal UK? So confusing are names lately.

However as an opencasting site Shiloh was the last place to be ripped apart and re-used - so allowing for the much awaited stretch from Cossah’ island to the Tesco one.

Thinking of which, since at the Chalons Way end of Rutland Street a Stanton railway truck stands prominent, maybe a rusty Caterpilllar Bulldozer or a dump truck could be got from the Sunshine Miner’s’ organisation, reminding people that Ilkeston has always been known as being at the head of the Erewash Valley, which in itself was known for its coal mines and ironworks, like the much missed Stanton Plant.

As for the traffic island looking a site, I consider this a very parochial view of someone without much knowledge of ‘Owd’ Ilson’ or very little.

As for Erewash, rephrase as Earwash, since this is what it’s become since the demise of Ilkeston Town Council, it was once said - the good stuff goes to Long Eaton and the dross stays in Il’son.

Now we are in differing economic times and the whole of Erewash is suffering the same ecnomic ‘town centre’ blight, empty shops and unused facilities, with a Borough Council and heads of departments struggling to keep up with the changes and becoming pretty effective at juggling a shrinking budget. Though as the saying goes “If you think this is bad... think again... the worst is yet to come!”

In the 1970’s my dad, a miner for forty plus years, visited his family members in South Africa.

He returned with a Jo’burg Newspaper, the headline which read: “Think globally but please - please - buy locally!” so the next time you’re tempted to drop everything in a mad dash to the supermarket of your choice think for a moment and say to yourself ‘Can I get this from a local shop? And if advice is go out and do it!

That way you are helping to strengthen the local economy, not adding value to the smart giants who are focusing their futures towards the newly emerging economies of India and China and I don’t just mean Tesco but it is one reason why I doubt they will want to sponsor the upkeep of a traffic island on Millership Way.

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