Ilkeston author releases new book

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An Ilkeston author is celebrating the release of his sixth published book.

Steven Pape, 41, has just released a new book entitled This Fragile Life, which contains a collection of more than 30 of his poems.

The poems are about the innocence of childhood, the wisdom of old age and the merging of the two, as well as nature-themed poems.

Steven was born in 1974 in Ilkeston and has lived in the town all of his life. He was an avid reader from an early age and started writing in his teens.

Since then, he has had poems published in anthologies and magazines all over the world.

Steven also writes for FM Monthly, a quarterly anthology that has entered Amazon’s top seller list several times.

He said: “I was inspired to start writing after studying the lyrics from bands I like. The Doors and Joy Division are two that I love. I find their lyrics to be very poetic.

“Also, a few other poets I knew had been published and it seemed like the next step for me.”

His first two books, The Awakening Soul and Escapism, are mainly collections of dark, fantasy-style poetry.

The author then went on to write three more books, Observations with Half Closed Eyes, A Closed Mind is an Open Trap and 21st Century Wasteland, which deal with more political issues like war, government and society.

He said: “I decided to alter my style and focus on everyday issues in society.

“I’m influenced by loads of writers like Hermann Hesse, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski and Sylvia Plath to name a few.”

This new collection now reflects on childhood and its innocence and the loss of loved ones, also touching on nature and its beauty.

He added: “I’m really happy with the finished book. I chose a bigger size to complement the cover photo, which is my daughter Magenta’s hand and mine.

“I would like to thank my family, supporters and my partner Vicki for giving me the confidence to get published after keeping my poetry hidden behind closed doors.

“Thanks must also go to Ilkeston photographer Alan Davidson, of AD Photographic, for creating the book’s cover and my promo photos.

“My next project has a working title of The Collective. I’m currently writing and working on this now but I don’t think it will be out for a while yet.”

This Fragile Life is available worldwide on Amazon as a book and as a download for the Kindle.

The new book will also be available in local libraries from next month.