Ilkeston charity to benefit from ‘pie fight’ at Nottingham Forest-Leeds United football match

Pete Tyrell has his pint knocked over him at the Nottingham Forest v Leeds United football match.
Pete Tyrell has his pint knocked over him at the Nottingham Forest v Leeds United football match.

An Ilkeston charity is to benefit from a ‘joke’ fundraising page which was set up for a football supporter who had his pint of beer knocked out of his hand after a fight broke out over a pie between two other men.

Nottingham Forest football supporter Pete Tyrrell attended the home match against Leeds United at the City Ground on Saturday.

But while he was enjoying his half-time drink a fight broke out involving two other men over who should get the last pie.

As Pete played peacemaker to try and stop the fight on the concourse inside the stadium, his cold refreshment was knocked out of his hand and went all down his shirt.

In a light-hearted gesture, Nathan Farrell launched a fundraising page to recover the costs of Pete’s pint.

A target of £5 was set, but football fans around the country have donated more than £100 so far.

But instead of splashing all the cash down the pub, it has been decided the money should go towards Ilkeston charity Ben’s Den and the Little Princess Trust.

Posting on the Just Giving page, Nathan wrote: “Peter Tyrell was having a half time pint at Nottingham Forest when a fight erupted over a pie. Yes a PIE!!! Peter being the man he is tried to split this fight up but in the melee he lost his pint. We need to get him that pint back.”

In response to the number of donations, he added: “Wow guys. The football world has come together for Pete in this difficult time. Thank you to everyone from strangers and friends who have donated Pete really appreciates it. Obviously this isn’t going to be spent on beer so we will find a charity to give it to. We have a couple of local ones to give to. So please keep “buying Pete his pint back” All the best and thanks again.”

Leeds United won the match 2-0.

Ben’s Den is a children’s charity set up in memory of Ben Parker, who passed away in 2003 following a battle with leukaemia.

The aim of the charity is to support the families of children fighting leukaemia or cancer, by gifting them a free holiday and allowing them to spend much needed, quality family together.

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