Ilkeston designer is chosen to close show at London Fashion Week 2016

Micheal Wallace
Micheal Wallace

Ilkeston fashion designer Micheal Wallace has been chosen to close the House of iKons show at London Fashion Week 2016.

Michael Wallace, 25, was named emerging designer of the year at the Midlands Fashion awards in 2014, and is currently celebrating after being asked to close The House of iKons show at London Fashion Week, since displaying his work at this year’s show.
It has been an illustrious start to Michael’s fashion career, he was invited to display his work at this year’s London Fashion Week after meeting Savita, owner of the House of iKons. Savita organised the same show in Los Angeles and rather poetically asked Michael to display his wedding dress collection on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.
Michael Wallace who lives in Shipley View, said: “It has been a dream come true, every single person that is remotely interested in the fashion industry would just love to attend London Fashion Week let alone display their work. I am working really hard and have been racking up the air miles in 2015 but it’s all worth it. LA was amazing and remains my main ambition to end up living over there.
“To be asked to close the show next year is a fantastic honour and privilege, it is always nice to be appreciated or receive any compliment in such a harsh industry and I am grateful for the opportunity, we have a lot of new ideas and designs coming soon that we cannot wait to display.
After originally being taught to sew by his Grandmother at six years old; Michael went on to study fashion interpretation and practice at New College in Nottingham and completed the course with the highest grade.
Upon finishing his education, Michael spent time living in London where he worked for a year in the bridal department at the Sewing and Craft Superstore. The designer also took part in a Saville Row training course, picking up commissions on the way.
An extensive portfolio has been put together on his extensive travels, from Ilkeston to LA and various locations in London including Lewisham, Blackheath and Wandsworth, Michael has collected a variety of fabrics and ideas to create his designs, and even embraced materials such as bone, metal, silk, ostrich feathers and chiffon.
During a year working at Wimbledon Sewings, Michael had his ‘Quentin Tarantino moment’ and decided that his show would be all ‘fur coat and no knickers’- Literally as he sent a model down the runway in a flesh coloured body stocking and fur coat.
Michael said: “I don’t understand designers that stop at the drawings stage, I want to picture my designs and follow them through right to completion. It gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.”
His career is being tracked closely since London Fashion Week, from personalities such as Strictly Come Dancing star, Otile Mabuse and he is starting to be recognised closer to home after he overheard the owners of an Ilkeston sewing shop discussing his appearance at London Fashion Week.
Michael added: “The buzz following the show at London Fashion Week was amazing. I can only imagine how much that’ll increase following the closing of the show next year. Otile Mabuse came over to me and asked me for my card and I would love the opportunity to work with her.
“The aim is obviously to be able to display my designs across the world and become a well known name. I want to start my own house of fashion and now feel I am in a position to take more risks to reach my dreams, it would be nice to see people wearing my designs across the county and world.”